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One of many health care workers across the nation, but with a difference...

Wil is a Medical Intuitive!!!  Meaning, he can see things that others might miss!

Working with the signals from the intristic fields around the body (meaning mental, physical, and spiritual) there is a way to determine what the body wants and just in what order to officiate those messages and frequencies so that the body is not overwhelmed and heals.  Whether it be an herbal remedy, complementary therapist or moduality, energetic treatment, or what ever the body needs, it is categorized and valuated numerically for you in a personal session and print out. 

  Therapies can range from "in person" appointments or "at a distance" for consultation, pendulum appointments, chakra balancing, at a distance healing appointments, distance counseltations, and shipments of remedies with custom imprints mailed just for you!

  Wil Alaura is working just for you... delving into your energies, frequencies, and rythyms to detect how to unravel the many deterents or compromises your body wishes to completely unfold and move into the past.  Health, better sleeping, more focus, and a sense of well being awaits you now.....

  Call for your consultation (in person or at a distance) or stop by the office and experience for yourself what can be a reality in your life... meaning, health as you have never experienced it before!

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Medical Intuitive & BioEnergetic Healer - Wil Alaura
Avatar Testing equipment - body meridian analysis and print out


EAV (Electro Accupuncture according to Voll)

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Whole body meridian energy analysis

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