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Customer Testimonials

" Hi Wil,
   I have to tell you, I've gained great benefits from my BioGenesis session. I solved an Accounting problem thats been plaguing me for days (the turquoise wheel), I've been much calmer at work, and I've been back on my exercise bike at night for the last two nights, after months of ignoring it.  And one of my cats slept with me last night
Can't wait to get the Pyramid!
I guess we should schedule one of these sessions on a regular basis, maybe once a quarter or so. "

- P.R., Baldwinsville, NY


"Feeling Years Younger
When I first met with Wil, two years ago, I was creaking with aches and pains, twenty (20) lbs over weight, menopausal, sagging and had no stamina or even very much giddy-up. Due to the conversation, education, supplements and care from Wil I am back in my groove and have my swagger. I have lost weight, my period and sex drive are back. Last year I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back to the rim. This past spring I went white water rafting with my husband and grown children. Winter finds me downhill skiing every Friday, enjoying how to ride the edges of my skis as I apply that metaphor to my life. I have been thinking about how my edginess serves me in my life. I am sleeping well. My mother tells me that my hair has stopped graying. I feel eight years younger and give thanks to Wil. ."

- C.A, Auburn, NY